Obama Squeals Like a Pig

Hopefully, we’re getting back to discussing real issues, because it’s time to sort out the garbage the candidates are shoveling, and take a good look at what’s left.

Barack Obama says he’s all about regular people, and he claims to have all the answers to our financial woes. He gets very specific on his website about income tax reform. First, he says he’s going to make sure it doesn’t take middle class America more than 5 minutes to complete their tax returns (wow, this is really a priority) by laying the burden of compilation on the IRS (whose salaries we also pay) and he says this will save Americans up to $2 billion in tax preparer fees. Anyone with half a brain knows it will also create complete and utter chaos on the IRSs data bases, resulting in higher government payrolls to pay tons more IRS man hours – but maybe they can hire the former employees at H&R Block to fix it after Obama puts those budget busting scoundrels out of business. And thats not all, folks. Hes going to create a new “making work pay” tax credit (what the devil does “making work pay” mean?) that will “completely eliminate income taxes for 10 million Americans”. Well, holy cow, can I be one of those?!

But I notice he doesn’t mention where he’s going to get the money for the pork he wants while he’s eliminating all those income taxes. Oh yes, he’s planning on spending a lot of our money. The problem is his priorities don’t seem to be in order on any of his spending, either. In fact, Obama’s list of pet projects is mostly rhetoric and doublespeak, but they’re going to expensive. He says on his website that he will “double federal funding for basic research (what are we “basically researching”?) and make the “research and development tax credit” permanent (I haven’t seen that on my tax return, have you?). He says he’ll increase funding for federal workforce training, along with creating “an energy-focused youth jobs program to invest in disconnected and disadvantaged youth”. Now those are pretty words -what’s the difference in disconnected youth and disadvantaged youth, and isn’t it a disadvantage to be disconnected? And who’s supposed to invest in the youth that are neither, and how much is this going to cost? About the same as a new bridge in Alaska to service about the same amount of people?

What in the world is his commitment to deploy “next generation Broadband” and protect the “openness of the internet”?? He is ready to “fight”, he says, to expand high-speed internet access to rural areas, and I know this is important to him because he places it very near the top of his website list of economic priorities. Well, honey, I live in an area that’s as rural as it gets, and I’ve had high speed internet for years, so what’s up with that? Does he owe a few favors to a broadband company or what?

His proposed “investment” in rural areas is to “improve rural schools and attract more doctors to rural areas” – well now, that’s campaign rhetoric right out the 60s if I’ve ever heard it. What’s he going to do- invest means spend – is he going to start pay rolling private physicians? He says he’ll invest in rural small businesses. Well, I hope he means he’ll write us a check because he doesn’t seem to know that you can’t say you support small business while at the same time promise to “ensure freedom to unionize”, cut the SMLA from a 50 employee minimum to 25, adopt paid leave laws, and expand “flexible work arrangements” – all of which subtract from the liquidity of small business.

Obama says interest rates on payday loans should be allowed up to 36%. Common sense says 36% payday loans should be called what they are – loan sharking – and abolished altogether! Payday loans trap low income individuals daily, and you cannot promise consumers hard nosed tactics on credit card and mortgage banks on one hand while allowing payday loans to continue to exist on the other hand. This sets a double standard for lenders, shows a total lack of common sense, and is another signal that Obama is not in touch with the problems of the sectors he claims to champion.

And while this country really does need some good comprehensive health care reform, I find Obama’s plan to be a sweet piece of expensive crap in so many ways it would take a shovel to dish it all out and debate it here.

Last June Obama released a comprehensive list of his earmark requests for fiscal year 2008. It reportedly comprised more than $300 million in pet projects for Illinois, including tens of millions for Emil Jones’s Senate district. Senator Jones takes credit for jump starting Obama’s political career, via passing him the sponsorship of many pieces of high profile legislation in the twelfth hour, allowing Obama to push them through and build a reputation on them. Sounds like he’s paying him back, doesn’t it – at our expense. But then Senator Jones told a reporter he didn’t call it pork, he called it steak.

Wikipedia defines the word doublespeak as “language constructed to disguise or distort its actual meaning, often resulting in a communication bypass”.  Barack Obama is the very definition of doublespeak. So, who cares what his religion is, or who he pals around with? Those factors only become pertinent if he can first show he has the ability to make intelligent and comprehensive decisions concerning the nation’s economy and security – and he can’t.  All he shows me is he can talk a lot about spending more money on his pet projects, but if you’ll notice he doesn’t have a lot to say about current pork barrel spending because – hello – he’s a pig.