Financial and Political Troubles for GOP Base

John McCain has faced struggles raising funds for his campaign. This problem is becoming epidemic for the Republican Party nationwide, as GOP state parties face severe drops in voter turn out and contributions.

David Paul Kuhn and Charles Mahtesian of Politico report, March 24, 2008:

In some of the largest, smallest, reddest and bluest states in the nation, many state Republican organizations are still reeling in the aftermath of the devastating 2006 election cycle, raising questions about how much grassroots help the state parties will be able to deliver to presumptive GOP nominee John McCain.

The state party woes are especially ill-timed since McCain will face a Democratic nominee who may be considerably better funded and organized, and since Republicans will be facing an energized Democratic party that is shattering primary election turnout records.

Decline in GOP support is most evident in California and New York. For instance, the number of registered Republicans in California has dropped nearly 207,000 since October 2006. And as recent as February, the California Republican Party were over $200,000 in debt, as opposed to the California Democrats, who had over $5 million dollars.