John Edwards Not Likely To Endorse in Primary Battle

Edwards, unlike Dodd or Richardson, is apparantly keeping an endorsement under wraps and attempting to stay out of the primary fight. I’m assuming this is because he’s not sure which way the wind is blowing yet and would like to end up in an eventual democratic administration.

Here’s the report from The Politico:

John Edwards is unlikely to endorse either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton before the nomination is decided, according to interviews with several members of the former candidate’s inner circle.

At least three individuals who have recently spoken to Edwards expect that he will choose to stay out of the fight, though they warn that no one other than his wife, Elizabeth, can be certain of his thinking.

“My gut instinct, at this point: He’s probably going to remain neutral and sort of try to play on that Al Gore status as party elder,” said a former Edwards operative who is in regular contact with the former North Carolina senator and who asked that his name be withheld.

“There is a real space for him to be an advocate for the issues that he cares about but also to play a role as a party elder,” he continued. “I think he is, at this point, probably going to take the route of ‘We got two great candidates, let the people decide.’”

Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, is coming to believe that “silence is the better part of valor,” another former top adviser said.

Edwards and Gore can ride into the Democratic convention like Knights on a horse and save the day from the disunity in the party over Obama or Clinton winning the nomination.