Bill Richardson Endorses Obama – With Video – Updated

Sort of a slap in the face to the Clinton’s, long-time friend and supporter Bill Richardson has now endorsed Barack Obama for President.

Here’s the story on it from AOL News:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Bill Richardson, the nation’s only Hispanic governor, backed Barack Obama for president Friday, moved to deliver his much-coveted endorsement by the senator’s speech about race.

The New Mexico governor joined Obama at spirited rally Friday and said the Illinois senator demonstrated his leadership abilities this week with his speech on race. “You are a once-in-a-lifetime leader,” the governor said from the stage. “Above all, you will be a president who brings this nation together.”

Richardson dropped his own bid for the nomination in January. His support for Obama comes during a tough period for the senator. Although he still leads Hillary Rodham Clinton in delegates, Obama has seen his lead in national polls wither in the fallout from divisive remarks by his former pastor.

Richardson was relentlessly courted by both candidates and his support for Obama provides him a potential counterweight to Clinton’s strength among Hispanic voters.

Here’s video released by the Obama campaign of the endorsement:

Both the Obama and Clinton camps were hoping Richardson would lend some Hispanic cred to them. Again, that’s like believing one person leads an entire community of people. Could it make a slight difference? Perhaps. I don’t think it’s going to hurt Obama at all, he needs to some good press after the past 2 weeks.


Video of Obama and Richardson making the media rounds: