Geraldine Ferraro: Wright’s a “Racist Bigot”

As you may recall, Geraldine Ferraro, Clinton campaign adviser, recently resigned from the campaign amidst her comments that Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he is today if it were not for his race. She made the statement in the context stating that she wouldn’t have been a vice presidential candidate in 1984 had it not been for her gender.

Well she’s not going down without a fight or getting the last word. Apparently she had some choice words for Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former controversial spiritual leader:

“To equate what I said with what this racist bigot has said from the pulpit is unbelievable,” Ferraro said today. “He gave a very good speech on race relations, but he did not address the fact that this man is up there spewing hatred.”

Ferraro, who supports Sen. Hillary Clinton, has been unapologetic about her remarks. Clinton has said she disagrees with Ferraro and has accepted Ferraro’s resignation from her finance committee.

Ferraro said she had “no clue” why Obama would include her in his speech, and said Obama’s association with Wright raises serious questions about his judgment.

“What this man is doing is he is spewing that stuff out to young people, and to younger people than Obama, and putting it in their heads that it’s OK to say `Goddamn America’ and it’s OK to beat up on white people,” she said. “You don’t preach that from the pulpit.”

Ferraro also said she could not understand why Obama had called out his own white grandmother for using racial stereotypes that had made him cringe.

“I could not believe that,” she said. “That’s my mother’s generation.”

What’s amazing to me is that this discussion of racism is happening completely on the Democratic side. Ferraro and Wright have become issues concerning race and the discussion hasn’t calmed down on it since last week.

I have to think the McCain campaign is satisfied sitting and letting the negative press come from the Obama and Clinton campaigns concerning statements made about each other. So much so that a low-level aide, named Soren Dayton, was recently terminated for replaying and circulating a YouTube video criticizing Obama’s connection to Wright. He has been suspended from the campaign until further notice.