Michigan Revote “Likely Won’t Happen”

This is according to Michigan state Senate Democrats who say there aren’t enough votes in the state legislature to actually approve the revote, which is the governing body that must authorize such a thing.

Here’s the report on it from WWJ.com:

Lansing (WWJ) — It’s appearing more and more likely there will not be a re-do of the Democratic presidential primary election. WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports state Senate Democrats came out of a closed door meeting Tuesday morning and said there are not enough votes to approve a re-do.

Legislative approval is necessary for a re-vote to happen.

Speaking live on WWJ, Skubick said it would take a “miracle” to have the re-do approved, but he added it’s still possible.

There has been no comment from the Michigan Democratic Party. A spokesman said they are waiting to see what the legislature does.

Legislative leaders reviewed a measure Monday that would set up a do-over primary in Michigan.

The draft legislation included language that would approve spending privately raised funds for the election and setting the date for June 3.

So Michigan could be off the table entirely just as it appeared they may be close to an agreement. It’s not officially dead yet and a new primary could still happen, it’s just looking more unlikely now. This may be bad news for Clinton who may have been hoping to pick up delegates from a Michigan win.

We’ll report as the story develops with more updates.