Video: Dodd, Schumer Debate on FNS

A bit more of the surrogate debate which always tends to be interesting. Here’s the complete segment today with New York Senator Charles Schumer, a Clinton supporter, and Connecticut Senator Chriss Dodd, an Obama supporter.

Several campaign topics are discussed and batted around.

Here’s the full video from Fox News:

Here’s a report on the appearance from Reuters:

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, an Obama supporter, told “Fox News Sunday” his candidate had repudiated Wright’s remarks damning America and “guilt by association here is something we’ve got to stay away from in this country.”

An effort to get Sen. Charles Schumer of New York to go on the attack over the issue failed when he responded, “I agree with Chris here. Look, each campaign is wide-ranging. Supporters are all over the place.”

Dodd returned the favour after Schumer was asked to explain Ferraro’s comments that were considered racially insensitive. Schumer said the remarks were wrong and she had left the campaign, and Dodd agreed.

Democrats still have more than five weeks until their next nominating event in Pennsylvania on April 22, so the unpredictable campaign could take many more twists and turns.

Nine more contests follow but after those it is still impossible for either Obama or Clinton to have enough pledged delegates to be nominated at the party’s convention in August.

What is amazing to me, or perhaps what is a calulated move, is that the Clinton campaign has stayed largely out of the discussion over Obama’s controversial former Pastor. Clinton was pressed on the issue and she refused to comment or become part of the dialog.