Obama’s Pennsylvania Plan: Convert Republicans and Independents

Pennsylvania, unlike many others, has a closed primary system. This means that only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic Primary and only registered Republicans can vote in their respective primary. Since Obama has taken a good portion of independents the last few times around, he’s working to encourage independents and Republicans to re-register to support him on April 22nd.

Story from The Politico:

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. — Nearly a month before voters go to the polls, Sen. Barack Obama will get an early clue about his chances against Pennsylvania’s prohibitive favorite, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the days after the March 24 voter registration deadline, state election officials will release figures that measure the almost singular focus of Obama’s field operation until then: political conversions.

Obama is attempting to crack open Pennsylvania’s closed party primary, initiating a program to flip the registrations of independent and Republican voters to Democrat.

The Pennsylvania strategy is aimed at giving Obama a head start by expanding the rolls by tens of thousands of voters ahead of the April 22 election. The final tabulations from the Department of State could offer the first tangible indications of whether Obama can catch Clinton in a state where she holds the advantage.

Honestly that’s probably his best chance at taking Pennsylvania. The makeup is similar to Ohio where Clinton did well and she’s somewhat expected to repeat in Pennsylvania as well.

He’ll probably have some success as well given that there really isn’t a draw for the Republican primary. You may have some switch over just to vote against Hillary Clinton. Or, if Rush Limbaugh becomes an aspect of this, he’ll be encouraging people to go vote for Hillary Clinton to make sure he takes the win and sends the Democratic Party into a longer fight.