You Decide Politics Radio – 3/13/08

We will be live tonight at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific with another edition of You Decide Politics Radio. Tonight I’ll be joined by our usual guest, Conservative Gal from the commentary section. We’ll also be joined by Jonathan Cifre from

As always, we’ll be taking your calls live at: (347) 945-6225

There’s a boat load to discuss this week and here are some of the topics we’ll be touching on:

– Another win for Obama in Mississippi and Wyoming
> Obama wins Texas Democratic Caucus

– Obama’s controversial Pastor
> The latest news on his statements – story

– Another loss for Clinton, is it make-or-break in Pennsylvania?
> Delegate math favors Obama, Clinton may not have a chance

– NY Governor Eliot Spitzer
> Does this matter for Hillary?

– Clinton’s offering Obama the VP slot
> Is this absurd?

– The Florida/Michigan revote
> The rift in the Democratic Party over how to accomplish it

– The Ferraro/Power statements and resignations
> More evidence this campaign isn’t about issues?

All that plus your calls tonight at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific.


Thanks for listening, here’s the full archive:

Thanks again to Jonathan from!