Video: Clinton Wants Florida and Michigan “To Count”

So much so that she’s now imploring the Obama campaign to support her in this effort. She’s either calling for the existing delegates to be seated (in her dreams) or for new primaries to take place in each state.

Here’s the video of her statement from ABC News:

I’m just not so sure Obama is going to be as excited about it, he doesn’t need the delegates at this point, he’s got a decent lead. Getting too involved in this issue could become divisive or draw unwanted scrutiny of the process.

Clinton is also playing the race card in trying to create a groundswell of support for getting these states to count in some form, the story on that from CBS:

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton compared the Hispanic community to Florida and Michigan – states stripped of their delegates in the Democratic primaries – as voices that should be heard in the race for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Clinton spoke today to over 100 attendees of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington.

“My first job in politics was working in South Texas to register Latino voters for the 1972 presidential campaign. I threw myself into that job because I believe every vote must count and every vote deserves to have its time. And that means you’ve got to make it easier for people to vote and then you’ve got to be sure you count all the votes. It’s something I believed then and it’s something I believe passionately now,” said Clinton.

“If you’re a voter from Florida or Michigan, you know that we should count your votes. The nearly two and half million voters in those two states are who participated in the primary elections are in danger of being excluded from our Democratic process, and I think that’s wrong,” Clinton said.

Clinton went on to say she welcomed the support of those who represent “voices never heard, especially those of the Hispanic community” to join in the debate on this issue.

It seems to me that Hillary believes that new primaries will go in her direction. It also seems that winning Florida and Michigan will be imperative to any chance at taking the delegate lead from Obama. Even then, I don’t think the math adds up mainly due to the proportionality. Even if they hold new primaries and Clinton wins them both by 60%, Obama will still walk away with a good amount of delegates which won’t really give Clinton a net gain.