Ron Paul Still Running, Refuses To Support McCain – Video Added

Apparently, even after releasing a video statement which hinted to the contrary, Ron Paul is not backing out of the Presidential race.

Story on this coming from CNN:

(CNN) — U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is still in the presidential race … sort of.

His campaign is “certainly winding down” given the number of primaries left, but it’s not over, Paul said Monday on CNN’s “American Morning.”

“If you’re in a campaign for only gaining power, that’s one thing. If you’re in a campaign to influence ideas and the future of the country, the campaign is never over.”

Two days after Sen. John McCain became the presumptive GOP nominee, Paul hinted in a video posted on YouTube that the end was near.

Paul said Republicans “have a right to vote for someone that stands for traditional Republican principles” and that he does not plan on supporting McCain.

“I’m not likely to support John McCain unless he changes his views. He doesn’t represent anything I’ve talked about for 30 years,” Paul said.

“How could I reject everything I’ve talked about for 30 years … and say, ‘Oh, OK. Now it’s all over. Unity is the most important thing. Now I endorse John McCain.’ Nobody would understand that. I certainly would have a difficult time adapting to that.”

Paul said Monday he plans to continue campaigning to keep his ideas in the arena.

So he’s apparantly not calling it quits just yet. So for everyone of you who said “good riddance”, sorry. Furthermore, for the Paul supporters, your happy day is still here. At any moment, McCain could relinquish his delegates to Paul making him the nominee.


Ron Paul speaking earlier on CNN concerning the presidential race and his status:

His campaign of bringing ideas will never be over, so he says. Sounds to me that basically, he’s got the funds to continue to so why not keep pressing forward? McCain’s the nominee at this point but Paul’s name will still be on the ballot in the remaining primaries.

Who knows…


Here’s another interview Paul did today on Fox with Neil Cavuto:

I pretty much agree with him on the fiscal policy, we can’t keep borrowing into oblivion.