Hillary Stands To Lose NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer As Superdelegate

If New York Governor Eliot Spitzer either resigns or is removed from office, so goes his superdelegate status. Furthermore, as this piece from The Star explains, his replacement will not be adding another superdelegate to the table:

ALBANY, N.Y. – New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s connection to a prostitution ring could mean bad news for presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, who needs every superdelegate vote she can get.

Spitzer, a Clinton supporter, is under pressure to resign. He remains a superdelegate only as long as he is governor, according to Democratic National Committee rules.

If he quits, he would not be replaced as a superdelegate. Lt. Gov. David Paterson would become governor and he already supports Clinton, meaning the New York senator would lose one superdelegate.

Sen. Barack Obama leads with 1,579 delegates to Clinton’s 1,473. A total of 2,025 is needed to win the nomination.

This means one more superdelegate loss, not by choice, but by force this time. Not that Obama picks one up but in this close election, every vote matters.


Here’s video from the Associated Press of Hillary commenting a little on the Spitzer scandal:

Really, what more can she say? It’s out, he’ll soon be out, and it doesn’t directly affect her other than the loss of a superdelegate.