Florida Democrats Pushing New Mail-In Primary – Video Added

The Florida Democratic Party believes in it so much, in fact, they’re now pushing for it and believe that both the Obama and Clinton campaigns will eventually agree.

Story from The Politico:

Florida Democrats were moving forward Monday with a plan to redo their presidential primary using privately-funded mail-in ballots, a key state party official said, even though some congressional and party leaders had yet to sign on to the idea.

“We’re huddling with state brass now,” the official said. “The spotlight will be on us. We will have a detailed plan.”

The official said the state party expected both the Clinton and Obama campaigns to eventually agree to the plan.

“They’ve seen the writing on the wall and they realize this is something they need to get behind,” the official said. “Both campaigns have reacted favorably to the idea so far.”

It’s the quickest and cheapest way to do a new primary vote. I’m worried it will be wrought with problems but the entire process hasn’t exactly been “efficient” this election season with accelerated primaries and states being stripped of delegates.

The plan would be funded with money raised by the Florida Democratic Party and possibly include the help of the campaigns, the official said. The plan would also provide for the possibility of voting auditors and third parties to provide independent accountability.

The plan could eventually call on the state to play an active role in the mail-in primary, something Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, has been actively pushing.

Under the plan now being considered, Florida voters would receive mail-in ballots, with return postage, in mid-May and possibly face a late May or early June deadline for returning them, the state official said. Before it could be implemented, the mail-in plan would need to be voted on by the state party before heading to the Democratic National Committee for final approval, the state party official said.

It’s possible that you might get a much larger turnout using the mail-in ballots. Clinton “won” Florida’s Democratic primary previously but I’m wondering if that would change at all moving forward.

Update by Michael

It looks like the Re-Vote-by-Mail is going to happen. Sen. Steve Geller, a Hallandale Beach Democrat and Florida state Senate minority leader is helping to lead this political turnabout and the cost is estimated to be around $10 million. Part of the cost will be picked up by the State of Florida. State Democrats speculate that ballots will be sent out in mid April.

Lesley Clark, McClatchy Washington Bureau, March 11, 2008

Under the emerging plan, estimated to cost as much as $10 million, the state’s four million registered Democrats would be mailed self-addressed, stamped ballots that would be tabulated by an independent party, such as an accounting firm or a company that runs corporate shareholder voting.

Ballots would be due back in Tallahassee on a specific day in late May or early June, and regional sites would likely be employed for last-minute voters, party officials said.

The state party would pick up the cost for the unprecedented contest, and a number of national Democratic strategists have said they’re ready to begin raising millions for the do-over.