Official Mississippi Primary Results

Official results as they come in at 8pm eastern time:

60 – Obama – Projected Winner
38 – Clinton

99% Precincts Reporting

79 – McCain – Projected Winner
12 – Huckabee
4 – Paul

99% Precincts Reporting

Refresh for the latest as it comes in… still awaiting results..

Video report on Obama’s victory from ABC News:

There will be both a Democratic and Republican primary taking place in Mississippi today, Tuesday, March 11th. Polls close tonight at 8pm eastern time. Clearly McCain won’t be facing opposition so there isn’t much news there. However, on the Democratic side, Barack Obama is largely expected to do well and continue adding to his delegate lead.

For Mississippi, similar to Wyoming, it’s a different feeling to play a serious role in choosing the nominee, story from USAToday:

JACKSON — Mississippi gets a rare turn in the presidential campaign spotlight Tuesday, with a primary that — for Democrats anyway — has a national impact seldom seen in the Magnolia State.

“We finally have a primary that matters,” says Marty Wiseman, director of the John C. Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University. “Mississippi’s not used to being a player.”

Democratic Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois are locked in a neck-and-neck battle for their party’s nomination, and Mississippi is the only state that holds its primary Tuesday. At stake are the state’s 33 Democratic delegates, which will be apportioned according to each candidate’s share of the vote, and seven “super delegates.”

African-Americans are 36% of Mississippi’s population, higher than any other state, Wiseman says, and blacks constitute more than 50% of the Democratic electorate here. Recent polls show Obama leading Clinton, and Wiseman and other Mississippi analysts expect Obama to win the state.

A video report on it from the Wall Street Journal:

Clinton hasn’t bothered campaigning much in Mississippi as she’s now set her sights on Pennsylvania.

More to come later along with reports and results as they come in Tuesday evening.


Here’s a report on Mississippi from local media in Jackson, MS:

The latest Mississippi polls are showing Obama up anywhere from 6 to 23 points, it’s quite a spread but it looks like he’ll take the state probably by at least 10 points easy.


Another video from the Associated Press:

We’ll have all the latest as the returns start coming in around 8pm eastern time when the polls close.