Video: McCain on 60 Minutes

John McCain sat down with Scott Pelley Sunday evening on CBS’ 60 Minutes to discuss the election and his campaign. What follows is the entire video of his interview:

A news report on McCain’s interview from Top of the Ticket:

Just a few months ago, John McCain’s White House hopes were barely on life support. The Republicans getting all the attention — and the money — included Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson; no one, it seemed, wanted to hear from the Arizona senator, whose campaign was almost broke (he fired many of his staff and flew on commercial flights by himself, in coach, to campaign appearances) and whose bipartisan work on legislation (including campaign finance reform and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants) made him a pariah among the party’s conservative base.

But in one of the most remarkable turnarounds in recent political history, McCain clinched the GOP presidential nomination last week. Now he’s beginning another sort of campaign — introducing himself to the American people not as the self-styled maverick on the Straight Talk Express, but as the presumptive leader of his party, hoping to knit its various skeins — social conservatives, moderate pragmatists, immigration hard-liners, and so on — into a tapestry that pictures him taking the oath of office on the Capitol steps in January.

To that end, he appeared Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes” …

McCain will has quite a bit of work to do as the nominee. He’s got a conservative base that’s none too keen with him, a ridiculously small amount of cash on hand compared to Obama/Clinton, and maybe the most obvious, his age.

What I did find interesting is that he is bent on expanding the party to more moderates and independents. To me that says he’s pretty much banking on conservatives sort of “falling in line” and voting him regardless of what he stands for. I’m not so sure that’s going to happen unless he does some more fence-mending with them.