Video: Howard Dean Talks Florida/Michigan Re-Vote

DNC Chairman Howard Dean appeared on Face the Nation this morning to discuss the Michigan/Florida re-vote issue on the Democratic side. He laid out possible scenarios for ways in which he believes the new primaries would have to take place.

Here’s the entire interview:

Here’s a report on it from Bloomberg:

March 9 (Bloomberg) — Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said it’s up to Florida and Michigan to come up with a way to get their presidential primary delegates counted in a party dispute that might determine the nominee.

Attention is turning increasingly to the two states as the nomination race drags on between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Because Michigan and Florida violated party rules by moving up their primaries, they lost the right to send delegates to the nominating convention, a stance that some Democrats figured would be reversed once there was a clear nominee.

Clinton won the primaries in both states, even though none of the candidates actively campaigned and her name was the only one on the ballot in Michigan. Now, Clinton wants the primaries to count, and Obama supporters are calling foul. Dean said both campaigns will have to agree to a solution.

This is going to be a major story developing over the next few weeks. In some way, shape, or form Michigan and Florida will undoubtedly have some type of primary redo. In order to satisfy the voters and the state party organizations, they are going to have to figure out how to seat these delegates.

I’m sure there will be more on this during the week as possible plans are floated by the respective states.


Video of Michigan Senator Carl Levin and Florida Governor Charlie Crist from This Week discussing the same issue from their respective states:



Seems to be coming down to the “who’s going to pay for it?” argument. However, I don’t think the DNC can afford not to allow new primaries to take place.