Voters overwhelm Wyoming Caucus locations

You wouldn’t think so, but they are having a huge influx of voters even though the amount of registered Democrats in the state is very small.

Here’s a report on it from Yahoo! News:

In Sweetwater County, more than 500 people crowded into a high school auditorium and another 500 were lined up to get inside.

“I’m worried about where we’re going to put them all. But I guess everybody’s got the same problem,” said Joyce Corcoran, a local party official. “So far we’re OK. But man, they keep coming.”

Party officials were struggling with how to handle the overflow crowds. The start of the Converse County caucus was delayed due to long lines.

In Cheyenne, scores of late arrivers were turned away when party officials stopped allowing people to get in line at 11 a.m. EST. A party worker stood at the end of the line with a sign reading, “End of the line. Caucus rules require the voter registration process to be closed at this time.”

State party spokesman Bill Luckett said they were obligated to follow its rules as well as those of the Democratic National Committee regarding caucus procedures.

“Everybody knew the registration began over an hour before the caucus was called to order. We’ve done everything we could to accommodate people in the long lines,” Luckett said.

Later, state party officials said they would accept provisional ballots from about 20 people who remained at the caucus site and would seek approval from both campaigns to count their votes.

I would say a heavy caucus turnout favors Obama but perhaps that line of thinking is wrong. In theory, usually it’s party activists or the most informed voters who actually attend caucuses, those voters have favored Obama since Iowa. However, perhaps an influx of voters could indicate good news for Clinton.

The full results are being reported here:

Wyoming Democratic Caucus Results