McCain’s Stance on Torture Changes, Obama and Clinton Absent

In what may be a significant change in John McCain’s campaign, the senior senator backed the Bush Administration’s veto of the Waterboarding Ban. While the Democratic contenders both vocally support the ban, neither one was present for the vote in the Senate. They were busy on the campaign trail.

Dan Eggen of the Washington Post reports:

Bush’s long-expected veto reignites the Washington debate over the proper limits of U.S. interrogation policies and whether the CIA has engaged in torture by subjecting prisoners to severe tactics, including waterboarding, a type of simulated drowning.

The issue also has potential ramifications for Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and a longtime critic of coercive interrogation tactics who nonetheless backed the Bush administration in opposing the CIA waterboarding ban. The Democratic presidential candidates, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.), both support the ban, though neither was present for last month’s Senate vote for the bill that Bush is to veto.