Barack Obama Wins Wyoming Democratic Caucus

Official Wyoming Democratic Caucus Results:

61 – Obama – Winner
38 – Clinton

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A video report from the Associated Press on Obama’s victory:

In what typically wouldn’t be a very important contest, the Wyoming Democratic Caucus is getting a little more attention this time around given the closeness of the race. The word is that Clinton is desperately trying to take away Obama’s caucus advantage which he’s had since Iowa.

Here’s the report on it from the New York Times:

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — With the exception of Nevada, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has lost to Senator Barack Obama in every state that has held Democratic caucuses instead of primaries.

She is not giving up on Wyoming so easily.

On the eve of the Saturday caucuses here, Mrs. Clinton arrived for rallies in Cheyenne and Casper, trying to seize on the momentum from her primary victories in Ohio and Texas on Tuesday to pull off a rare caucus victory. Her appearances came after her husband, former President Bill Clinton, campaigned in the state on Thursday.

Speaking at a community college in Cheyenne on Friday, Mrs. Clinton questioned Mr. Obama’s experience and promoted her time as first lady, saying she had “been in the Oval Office a few times.”

“I think it is an advantage that I’ve been there,” she said. “And I know what happens on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

She added pointedly, “You know, I have a full term in the Senate under my belt.”

Here’s a couple video reports on Wyoming, since it’s become important in this race:

Another from Fox News:

One more report from local news in Salt Lake City, Utah:

More from the Times article:

But Mr. Obama, speaking 140 miles to the north, in Casper, turned Mrs. Clinton’s experience back on her, strongly criticizing her 2002 vote to authorize the war in Iraq. He was responding to a comment Mrs. Clinton made earlier in the day that questioned his commitment to end the war.

“If it had been up to me, we would have never been in this war,” Mr. Obama said, speaking over loud applause. “It was because of George Bush with an assist from Hillary Clinton and John McCain that we entered into this war.”

Accustomed to being ignored in an overwhelmingly Republican state, Democratic officials here were gleeful that both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton were campaigning heavily a day before the caucuses.

We’ll bring you full results as they come in later today. Wyoming has just 12 delegates tied to today’s caucus. If it does end up going for Obama, it wouldn’t surprise me since he’s done considerably well in caucuses. I attribute it to the more intimate setting and the fact that usually it’s the party activists that make up the bulk of the attendees.

We’ll see how things play out tonight when the polls close at 8pm eastern time, 6pm local in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Republican Caucus took place on January 5th and was won by Mitt Romney, just for the record.