You Decide Politics Radio – 3/6/08

We will be live tonight at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific with another edition of You Decide Politics Radio. I will post a “Listen Live” link in this post and on the main page at show time.

Tonight I’ll be joined by our usual commentators Conservative Gal and Michael. We’ll also have a special guest, Steven Stark from the Presidential Tote Board 2008 will be with us during the first segment to discuss the March 4th primary results.

As always, we’ll be taking your calls live at: (347) 945-6225

Tonight’s Topics:

– March 4th Primary Results
> What happened to Obama in Texas?
> Did Clinton prove she’s the stronger candidate?
> Did Michelle Obama hurt her husband’s chances?

– McCain becomes nominee
> McCain VP speculation
> The Bush endorsement – Good/Bad?
> Trying to rally supporters, conservative base

– Delegate numbers game
> Is it too late for Hillary?

– Money Matters
> McCain’s the nominee, but he’s got no cash
> Democrats continue to out-raise GOP

– Do-over in Florida and Ohio, may happen sooner than later
> Both campaigns seem agreeable now

– Saturday Night Live, did it influence media coverage?
– New site design
– Winner of the You Decide 2008 1,000th Post Giveaway Announced

All that and more plus your calls tonight at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific.


Here’s the full show embed:

Thanks to all the listeners, we’ll be back next week!

Also, special thanks to Steven Stark from the Presidential Tote Board 2008!