Did Hillary Clinton break Obama’s glass jaw?

In what may have been a preview of what would be to come between a McCain/Obama general match up, Hillary Clinton managed this week to make Obama fold like a cheap camera. During the Rezko press conference earlier in the week he was stuttering to the point where, at times, I couldn’t understand the points he was trying to make when answering the media’s softball questions.

Truth be told, I don’t think Obama knows what he’s really in for, just take this video clip from Dennis Miller earlier on The O’Reilly Factor:

That image will forever remain in my mind of how the Clintons truly work. What we saw this week was Barack Hussein Obama actually have to field questions from the press to which he couldn’t just respond with “hope and change”. He’s got a loony former business partner on trial in Chicago and allegations that he’s secretly assuring the Canadians that he’s a big NAFTA fan, despite what he said on the Ohio campaign trail.

As a result, Obama dropped the ball in Texas where he was bulking up to take a victory. I have said for two weeks that Hillary would take them both, and she did. Obama is all about the fluff. What changed that was people began lifting up his skirt and getting queasy about what they saw. Do they really want to toss this guy in the White House confronting world leaders when he won’t even confront Bill O’Reilly? Do they really want to hand the reigns over to a lightweight who cracks under pressure from the press actually doing their job and investigating his past?

Hillary Clinton won the day on March 4th because she came out of her shell, did Saturday Night Live, and all of a sudden seemed like the person who should be “answering the phone at 3am” in the minds of Democratic voters.

Think of it this way. If Hillary Clinton and the media were able to break Obama’s glass jaw over questions about his past, just imagine what the Republicans will do to him come November on everything else. As of now, he’s been debating Hillary Clinton over who’s socialized health care plan leaves out more people. Imagine if he had to actually debate the merits of socialized health care versus a privatized system? In that sense, I’m hoping he’ll be the Democratic nominee, it will be a cake walk. Especially if the media, God forbid, asks Obama reasonable questions about anything. Until then he’s probably “hoping” the media will “change” back to their pro-Obama bias so he can continue to walk on water.

Then again, we’d actually need a Republican nominee who’s not going to issue apologies and press releases when one of his supporters uses the word “Hussein.” Instead we have a Republicrat vowing to take the “high road” stating that he won’t attack his opponent.

Oh how I long for the cutthroat politics of yesteryear.