Minor voting irregularities reported in Ohio

From reports it has been steady with some minor problems due to the incredible voter turnout which wasn’t expected until recently.

Here’s a report on it from the Port Clinton Herald:

CLEVELAND (AP) — Voting problems Tuesday in Ohio — including confusion over detachable tags on newly required paper ballots and a bogus bomb threat that halted voting — were minor compared with the long lines and poll worker confusion that plagued parts of the state in the past.

In trouble-prone Cuyahoga County, some people who voted in the primary that could put John McCain over the top and settle a fierce Democratic presidential nomination said they liked the switch to old-fashioned paper ballots because they were easier to fill out.

One glitch emerged in Cleveland, where Ohio’s most populous county had just over two months to switch from a touch-screen electronic voting system with security issues to the printed ballots: some voters removed stubs that were meant for poll-worker handling.

The ballots were still valid, and it seemed doubtful stubs would enter the election lore alongside the notorious chads which held up vote-counting in Florida’s disputed 2000 presidential election.

The Cuyahoga County elections board, working to improve an image tarnished by a recent history of lost ballots, absent or poorly trained poll workers and vote counts lasting through the week, sent out a notice that the stubs should be removed only by election workers.

This probably isn’t a big deal unless Ohio comes down to a very tight race in which these irregularities could potentially make a difference. However, if the polls hold true to the actual vote, Hillary Clinton stands to do well in Ohio and could have a 6 to 7 point victory.

Some video of Ohio voters earlier this morning: