Fates to be decided today in Ohio, Texas – Updated

Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont will all be voting in primaries today for both parties. Plus, Texas has a caucus as well after the primary voting ends.

The Clinton campaign is pulling out all the stops to at least win Ohio and hope to show well in Texas. All-in-all, assuming the states split victories, Hillary Clinton can remain strong heading forward and this race will still have months to go. On the GOP side, McCain is hoping to clench the nomination and become the nominee. He needs the early advantage considering the press the Democratic race is currently receiving.

Here’s a story on the Democratic side from CNN:

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (CNN) — Tuesday could be the most consequential day to date in the race to the White House. There’s a good chance voters in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont will make the difference in deciding the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees.

Obama comes into the March 4 primaries with momentum on his side, thanks to his 11 straight victories in contests dating back nearly a month. He has 1,378 pledged delegates and superdelegates to Clinton’s 1,269.

Neither candidate is close to the 2,025 needed to win the Democratic nomination.

The big question surrounding Clinton is how many states she needs to win Tuesday to keep going.

Former President Bill Clinton said in February if his wife wins Ohio and Texas, she’ll go on to win the nomination. The flip side, of course, is that if she doesn’t win those two big states, will she give up her quest for the White House?

A lot of people inside and outside the Clinton campaign have weighed in on this question, but the one voice that matters is staying silent. Asked this weekend if she had to win Ohio and Texas, Clinton wouldn’t answer other than to say, “I never make predictions.”

At this point, I think things could come down either way but the real battleground is Ohio. Here’s a report on that from CBS News:

Ohio, as of yet, is still leaning to Clinton but the trend has been to Obama’s favor.

Next, McCain is working on wrapping things up, story from CNN:

(CNN) — Sen. John McCain could clinch the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday, but Mike Huckabee refuses to call it quits.

McCain is 144 delegates shy of sealing the nomination, and 256 Republican delegates are up for grabs Tuesday.

The biggest prizes are Ohio and Texas, where polls show McCain with a comfortable lead. Rhode Island and Vermont also hold contests Tuesday.

Huckabee told reporters the future of his campaign is a fair question if he doesn’t take Texas, but he says he believes he has a chance. In Texas, there are 137 delegates at stake.

It would be theoretically possible, but not likely for Huckabee to play spoiler Tuesday, according to CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider.

“If Huckabee were to win the four states by huge margins, he might be able to prevent McCain from going over the top,” Schneider said. “But he’d have to win by pretty solid margins.”

Huckabee’s going to be short lived if McCain wins all four states today. He’ll finally be forced to hang it up but he has positioned himself well as a potential VP candidate or even a GOP candidate in 4 or 8 years. Wondering if we’ll see Ron Paul hangs it up as well and goes back to focusing on Texas.

We’ll have full results later tonight as the voting ends.


Here’s the poll closing times for the primaries:

Ohio: 7:30pm eastern
Rhode Island: 9pm eastern
Texas: 8pm eastern
Vermont: 7pm eastern

Texas Democratic Caucus: Sometime around 9pm eastern

Complete coverage starting at 7pm eastern when results start coming in.


This post will have full results:

Official 2008 Ohio, Texas, Vermont, & Rhode Island Results