Why is McCain afraid of B. Hussein?

What is it about this man’s name (Barack Hussein Obama) that makes America skittish? It was as if Bill Cunningham said a curse word. McCain was very quick to apologize and I just have to ask why everyone is intimidated by Obama? I’m telling you its like McCain was a bad sheep and he needed to publicly repent to the “Messiah”. I have never seen such manners on the campaign trail. Lets all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya Ay”.

Here’s a video from MSNBC on the entire matter:

In response to McCain’s response, Cunningham said the following on his radio show:

Cunningham Audio
(Click the play button to listen)

Good for Cunningham! John McCain better tread softly, he’s not real popular amongst us Conservatives. Cunningham is yet another to join the Ann Coulter club in voting for Hillary over John McCain.

If McCain is scared of someone using Barack Obama’s full name during an introduction, how is he going to handle other issues that actually matter? This just shows how liberal John McCain truly is. He’s so afraid of even being associated with someone’s comments which may have possibly offended someone that he immediately distanced himself.