Did Clinton derail the Obama express?

By many accounts, the answer is no. In fact, I read several places that said Clinton actually “lost” this debate. However, having watched the entire debate, it did seem to me at least that Russert and Williams had it out taking tougher questions to Hillary and making her follow up on them.

Here’s a CBS News video reporting on whether Clinton made some headway:

The bottom line is that it’s gotten tough at this point for Clinton to make some serious inroads.

What’s amazing though is how two people watch the same thing and get an entirely different perspective. For example, take the comment from Michael, one of our commentary writers and radio co-hosts:

Clinton clearly won the debate over health care– Obama made some stumbles here.

I actually felt otherwise only because Obama has been able to paint her plan as if it’s overreaching and is too stringent with “mandates” for care and fines if you don’t bu insurance. Whether that’s the case or not, Obama has been able to convey that.

Either way, it was overall a good debate and probably a good note to go out on heading into March 4th with Texas and Ohio coming up.