Report: Republicans to vote for Obama in Texas

This seems to be purely for strategical reasons as a vote against Hillary Clinton. Here’s a report on it from

BASTROP — At John’s barber and styling shop in the historic downtown of this conservative community southeast of Austin, politics is clearly in the air these days.

What has particularly struck stylist Pete Campos is how many of his Republican customers are talking about voting for Barack Obama in the March 4 Democratic presidential primary, motivated more, he surmised, by a strong dislike of Hillary Clinton than a strong attachment to Obama.

“I think Hillary scares some people,” said Campos, an independent who is leaning toward voting for the Illinois senator.

According to polling, as well as anecdotal evidence, an unusually large number of Republicans and independents may cast their votes in the Democratic contest next week, a prospect that could tip the outcome of what polls show is now a tight race. Such defections could also affect the many local and state legislative primaries around the state.

Perhaps Texas Republican voters feel as though Obama would be easier to beat in the General Election come November.

Here’s the poll numbers:

An American Research Group poll released Monday showed Obama leading Clinton, 71 percent to 25 percent, among Texas independents and Republicans who are likely to vote in the Democratic primary.

There is scattered evidence across the state that some Republicans may be voting Democratic, at least for a day. In one precinct in the suburban Houston neighborhood of Kingwood, where 82 percent of voters cast ballots for President Bush in 2004, Democrats were outvoting Republicans 4-to-1 last week in early voting.

There are several things at play here. First, McCain has all but won the 1,191 delegates and will most likely be the Republican nominee. Therefore, many Republicans may not feel inclined to come vote in the GOP Primary. Since that’s the case, Obama stands to reap the benefits of Republicans and Independents crossing over to help him against Hillary Clinton.

Do Republican voters feel as though they’d prefer Obama over Clinton if a Democrat wins in 2008? It seems to be playing out that way in Texas. That, or Republicans think Obama would be easier for McCain to beat than Clinton.

Plus, Chris Dodd just announced his endorsement for Obama today. He urged Democrats to unite behind Obama. Still silence from John Edwards who is probably waiting until there’s a nominee to make an endorsement.


Video of Dodd endorsing Obama:

Also, the word is that Bill Richardson’s endorsement is imminent this week.