Analysis: MSNBC Democratic Debate from Ohio – 2/26

Started with a 16 minute discussion over health care in which Clinton scolded Obama for “distorting” her Universal Health Care plan.

So far, it really seems that Russert and Williams have really gone after Clinton. In fact, Clinton even referenced the Saturday Night Live sketch over the weekend which mocked the media’s fawning over Obama.

On the health care issue, I think Obama came of stronger mainly because he’s kept Clinton on the defense over her plan.

Update @ 9:40pm ET

So far we’ve progressed from health care, to NAFTA, to foreign policy.

Update @ 9:57pm ET

Here’s some clips coming from MSNBC. The first on the health care exchange:

The next on the NAFTA discussion:


Here’s another clip:

One more clip from MSNBC:

Update @ 10:44pm ET

It’s over and it was much more lively than the previous CNN debate. More analysis to come along with the entire debate video later tonight if you missed it.


Here is the entire debate video:

Video: MSNBC Democratic Debate from Cleveland, Ohio – 2/26/08