Video: Ralph Nader on Meet the Press – Updated

Here is the entire video of Ralph Nader announcing his candidacy for president this morning on Meet the Press with Tim Russert:

He drops the bomb in the first few minutes that he is definitively running in 2008.

Hillary Clinton already reacted to the news, her quote from The Swamp:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, suggesting that Ralph Nader’s Green Party candidacy cost the nation the “greenest president” it could have had with Al Gore in 2000, said today that Nader’s new candidacy for the White House poses an unwelcome distraction.

“Obviously it’s not helpful to whoever our Democratic nominee is,” said Clinton, coming back on her campaign plane to speak with reporters. “But it’s a free country.

“I don’t know what party he’ll run on,” she said. “Where did he run on last time? Does anybody remember? … Was it on the Green Party?”

He was Green in 2000, an independent in ’04.

“Well, you know, his being on the Green Party (ticket) prevented Al Gore from being the greenest president we could have had, and I think that’s really unfortunate,” Clinton said. “I think we paid a big price for it.”

In this case, should Clinton become the nominee, I think Nader would hurt her more than he would hurt an Obama candidacy.

I have not found a reaction from Obama, McCain, or Huckabee yet so if you find some statements, post them in the comments and I’ll update the story.


Here’s a video from the Fox Report with Clinton and Obama reacting to Nader’s presidential announcement:

They both seemed a little ticked about it but I’m betting the Clinton campaign will be fighting it more. However, will Nader have as much of an impact if the Democrats can sway liberal voters by claiming that Nader cost Gore the 2000 election for Gore?

Will Democrats be fed up enough with President Bush that Nader won’t have as much of an impact this time around? I mean in that some liberals might love what Nader stands for but they’d much rather see Obama or Clinton than McCain.