Video: Clinton and Obama debate on SNL

This one was funny and worth posting. I know it’s not hard news but it’s always nice to laugh a little bit at the political game. It’s a clip of an Obama and Clinton debate on Saturday Night Live last night:

That’s not far from the truth. You’ve had Chris Matthews say that when Obama speaks, “a thrill goes up his leg”. Then you had the other NBC News reporter say it’s hard to stay objective covering Obama because he’s so “likable”.

No doubt, the media is in love with Obama and they can’t hide it any longer. Bad news for Clinton and McCain, whose media love affairs were brief and seem to be over with.

Also, Mike Huckabee was on the Weekend Update segment, here’s video of that:

Seems to me he’s just staying in to enjoy the media/entertainment appearances. Still though, McCain doesn’t have the 1,191 delegates yet so technically there is no official nominee.


Here’s another SNL Clinton/Obama debate from the 3/1/08 episode ripping on the last MSNBC debate from Ohio:

It’s funny to me that NBC is basically mocking itself here. Much more entertaining than the actual debate.

Also, Hillary Clinton was on this episode:

Seems to be she’s trying to appeal to Obama’s core audience, college age youth voters.