Ralph Nader announces candidacy on Meet the Press – Updated

Close aids are expecting him to announce his candidacy so it sounds like as of February 24th, we’re going to officially have a third-party candidate. I will have the full video of him on Meet the Press once it airs.

Here’s the story on it from KansasCity.com:

Four years after he announced a presidential run on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Ralph Nader is poised to do it again.

He’s scheduled to appear on the program Sunday, and longtime associates say they think the consumer advocate will announce his candidacy. Having abandoned the Green Party after being its nominee in 2000, he’s more likely to run as an independent again, those familiar with his thinking said.

Kevin Zeese, Nader’s 2004 campaign spokesman, who isn’t involved in the 2008 exploratory efforts, said he thought that Nader was going to throw his hat in the ring again.

“If I had to guess, I’d say he’s going to run, because the two parties are not bringing issues in a way that will help the people, but will help the corporations,” Zeese said.

In an e-mail to supporters from his exploratory committee, Nader asks, “What’s been pulled off the table by the corporatized political machines in this momentous election year?” In what amounts to a preview of his campaign themes, he answers himself: “Cutting the huge, bloated and wasteful military budget, adopting a single-payer Canadian-style national health insurance system, impeaching Bush/Cheney, opposing nuclear power – among many others.”

Perhaps this official Nader exploratory site has something to do with it as well. So which side does Nader hurt more? Typically the conventional wisdom would be the Democrats as seen in 2000. However, with McCain as the assumed Republican nominee, would some of his independent and moderate Democratic base be pulled toward Nader instead? Then, without widespread conservative support of McCain, could Nader help cause a Democratic victory instead?

Could it be a possibility that Nader actually hurts the Republican nominee more in 2008?


He has announced that he will in fact be running for President. Currently working on the video, I’ll update this and post it separately.


Here’s the entire video of his announcement and interview:

Video: Ralph Nader on Meet the Press – 2/24/08