Clinton accuses Obama of using “Rove’s playbook”

Apparently Obama sent out a set of mailings which left the Clinton campaign none too please with him.

Here’s the story on it from Breitbart:

CINCINNATI (AP) – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that a pair of mailings sent to voters by rival Barack Obama’s campaign criticizing her health care plan and trade views are false, misleading and a betrayal of his pledge to practice a new style of politics.

“Shame on you, Barack Obama. It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public—that’s what I expect from you,” Clinton said angrily, waving the mailings in the air.

“Meet me in Ohio, and let’s have a debate about your tactics,” she added.

The two presidential candidates will meet in a televised debate in Cleveland Tuesday.

Clinton spoke to reporters after an early morning rally at Cincinnati Technical College, one of several events she has held across Ohio this week. After losing eleven straight contests to Obama since Super Tuesday, the former first lady is banking on a strong showing in primaries in Ohio and Texas on March 4 to save her fading candidacy.

With so much on the line and the clock ticking, Clinton ripped into Obama much more directly and forcefully than she has in the past.

She compared Obama to President Bush during the rally, suggesting the country had already taken a gamble on an inexperienced candidate who promised change.

She’s pouncing, but will it backfire? Here’s the video of her making some of these remarks:

So what’s in these mailings exactly:

Clinton’s advisers have repeatedly criticized the Obama campaign’s health care mailing, which says her plan for universal coverage would “force” everyone to purchase insurance even if they can’t afford it. Her plan requires everyone to be covered, but it offers tax credits and other subsidies to make insurance more affordable.

Obama’s plan does not include the so-called “individual mandate” for adults, and he has argued that people cannot be required to buy coverage if they can’t afford it. He has said his first priority is bringing down costs.

The Illinois senator’s plan does include a mandate requiring parents to buy health insurance to cover children.

The second mailing, on the North American Free Trade Agreement, quotes a 2006 Newsday article suggesting Clinton believed the agreement had been a “boon” to the economy. NAFTA and other trade agreements are extremely unpopular in Ohio, which has suffered an exodus of blue- collar jobs to other countries in part due to such agreements.

You can be this topic will come up during Tuesday’s debate on MSNBC from Ohio. Still, politics is politics and this is pretty standard to send out stuff like this. His mailings aren’t exactly wrong, they’re factually accurate. The Clinton campaign is more upset that he’s actually coming out of the box to attack her, something he hasn’t done much thus far other than rhetoric.

Will this tarnish Obama’s “squeaky clean” image of politics?


Here’s Obama’s response to her claims:

In response to Clinton’s attack, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said: “Everything in those mailers is completely accurate, unlike the discredited attacks from Hillary Clinton’s negative campaign that have been rejected in South Carolina, Wisconsin, and across America.”

I think it’s a gamble but Clinton seems to always come off the losing end when there’s negative campaigning bandied about.