McCain benefiting from New York Times story

Benefited so much so, that he’s seen the largest take in online fund raising in a 24 hour period ever in their campaign. I’d put this in the same column of John Edwards raising cash off Ann Coulter’s comments back in 2007. It all stems from this story in the New York Times.

Here’s the story on his fund raising from The Politico:

Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign claimed vindication Thursday night after a sophisticated 24-hour counterattack turned a potentially lethal story in The New York Times into a conservative call to arms.

The piece about McCain’s friendly relations with a telecommunications lobbyist — long-discussed in political circles and planned for weeks by McCain operatives — was the first test of his ability to confront a public-relations crisis since becoming the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

But the reaction may have said as much about the mindset of the conservative movement on the brink of the general election as it did about McCain and his team.

“Even if they want to quibble within our own tribe, they’ll circle the wagons when we’re attacked by the Times,” said McCain campaign senior adviser Charlie Black.

Not only the cash, conservative figures like Rush Limbaugh have come out to defend McCain on this sole issue with the story. I’m waiting for a video to finish uploading to explain all that and the apparently backlash the Times is getting from many independents and some Democrats who favor McCain.


Here’s the video on it all:

I’m sure some conservatives are rallying behind McCain simply because of their disdain for the New York Times. This doesn’t erase McCain’s record nor does it do anything deeper to placate conservatives who dislike McCain on principle.

What’s funny is that McCain’s campaign won’t release official numbers since anything short of a multi-million dollar take will pale in comparison to Obama’s massive fund raising, which could hit $60 million in February.