Democratic Debate on CNN @ 8pm ET, You Decide Politics Radio @ 10pm ET

There will be a Democratic debate between Clinton and Obama tonight, 2/21/08, on CNN at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific. It will be live from Austin, Texas. Also, we’ll be live tonight with another edition of You Decide Politics Radio, details on that below.

Here’s a report on it from the New York Times:

Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton have not met face to face in a debate since their love-fest in Hollywood on Jan. 31.

Given the recent unpleasantness between the two, and Mrs. Clinton’s 10-state losing streak, it seems a safe bet that when they meet Thursday night in Austin, Tex., at a debate sponsored by CNN, the tone just might not be so jolly.

This debate, which starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time, is the first of two big chances for Mrs. Clinton to reverse her fortunes between now and March 4, when Texas and Ohio vote. The other comes Tuesday, on MSNBC.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has already signaled that she will be making stark “comparisons” with Mr. Obama; in other words, because Mr. Obama is the front-runner, expect Mrs. Clinton to make full use of her opposition research arsenal. Audiences sometimes recoil when candidates go after each other. But Mrs. Clinton has shown in past debates that she can march relentlessly forward even as the audience hurls verbal tomatoes.

We will have full coverage and analysis tonight once it finishes. Should be an interesting match considering some of the bad blood between the two in recent days. If Hillary is going to come out swinging, now is going to be the time since we’re heading into the do-or-die on March 4th with Texas and Ohio up for grabs.

Also, we will be live at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific with You Decide Politics radio. Tonight we will be joined by Michael from the commentary section, Conservative Gal also from the commentary section, and I will be hosting the show this evening.

Tonight’s radio topics:

– Analysis of the CNN Obama/Clinton debate
– Story on McCain’s lobbyist links in the New York Times
– Can Clinton stop the Obama momentum?
– Clinton campaign ends January $7.6 million in debt – story
– Delegate count, is it too late for Clinton?
– Texas delegate rules may benefit Obama – story
– More on vote counting irregularities from Michael
– Other topics not listed, breaking news of the day

As always, we’ll be taking your calls live during the show, call in at (347) 205-9907.

So join us tonight, live at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific. There will be a “Listen Live” link on the top of the site at show time.


Here’s a video preview of tonight’s debate from CNN:

Hillary has got to be on her game tonight and be ready to knock Obama off his. She’s got to take the questions to him and either make him answer or make it look like he can’t answer. However, I’m betting Obama will be ready to do the same and attempt to capitalize on his momentum.

Stay tuned tonight, the debate is live on CNN at 8pm eastern and we will be live on this site at 10pm eastern with You Decide Politics radio for analysis and discussion.

Update @ 12:27am ET 2/22

Here is the embed of the You Decide Politics Radio reaction and analysis of the debate for the full first hour. The second hour covers the other latest 2008 election topics:

Thanks to all the listeners and callers, we’ll be live next week Thursday at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific.


Here’s the entire debate video:

Video: CNN Democratic Debate from Austin, Texas – 2/21/08