Analysis: CNN Democratic Debate from Texas – 2/21

So far, both Clinton and Obama have done well on my scorecard. They have had good answers and good rebuttals. They are both spending a great deal of time attacking policies of the Bush administration, McCain has not come up nor has any of the attacks he’s levied against Obama.

They both agree that everyone should learn English and that Americans should learn more second languages. Obama also stated he believes in bilingual education for children who need it.

Here’s a short writeup from CNN:

AUSTIN, Texas (CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton told voters she “offers a lifetime of experience and proven results” in her opening remarks in Thursday’s debate in Texas.

Clinton and rival Barack Obama are facing off for the last time before the crucial Texas primary.

Obama said “what’s lacking right now is not good ideas.”

“The problem we have is that Washington has become a place where good ideas go to die.”

When asked how a President Clinton would be different from a President Obama on the economy, both candidates stressed that they have similar plans for the economy, because it’s the “Democratic agenda,” as Clinton described it.

On immigration, Clinton said she would introduce a path to legalization within her first 100 days in office.

Obama said it is critical to “tone down the rhetoric” when it comes to the immigration debate.

“We are a nation of laws and we are a nation of immigrants, and we can reconcile those two things,” he said.

Both candidates said the country needs comprehensive immigration reform.

Update @ 9pm ET

Obama asked about copying speeches from his national co-chair, Deval Patrick. He said it’s “silly season” in campaigns. Clinton says Obama’s copied speeches are “change you can Xerox”. She didn’t back down on the issue of accusing him of plagiarizing.

Update @ 9:14pm ET

Big scuffle over health care and how to implement universal health care, as both candidates see fit. Clinton defende her plan which mandates the purchase of health insurance of government subsidies. Obama counters with the claim that people would buy it of they could afford it, thus, his goal is to lower costs.

Here’s Hillary’s line on Obama’s speeches:

Classic line.

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Update @ 12:27am ET 2/22

Here is the embed of the You Decide Politics Radio reaction and analysis of the debate for the full first hour. The second hour covers the other latest 2008 election topics:

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Here’s the entire debate video:

Video: CNN Democratic Debate from Austin, Texas – 2/21/08