Wisconsin, Hawaii, Washington Voting Today, Results Tonight

Both states will be in play for the Democrats. On the Republican side, it’s just Wisconsin voting.

A story on the Democratic contests from MyWay:

CHICAGO (AP) – Democrats in Wisconsin and Hawaii had their say Tuesday in a hard-fought presidential campaign that has grown increasingly negative with charges of broken promises, plagiarism and petty partisanship.

Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York criticized each other as they looked to break out of a tight race, fearing the prospect that neither one will secure the nomination before the convention this summer.

They entered Tuesday’s contests closely divided in the hunt for the 2,025 delegates needed for the nomination: 1,281 for Obama and 1,218 for Clinton.

The day’s biggest prize was Wisconsin, where 74 delegates were up for grabs and polls showed the two in a statistical dead heat. Neither candidate made the long trip to campaign in Hawaii, where 20 delegates were to be decided by a caucus.

Obama, born in Hawaii and living in Wisconsin’s southern neighbor, hoped to build on his string of eight straight wins. Clinton’s campaign played down her chances in Wisconsin, but was hoping to beat expectations to give her struggling candidacy new life.

Here’s a report from the Associated Press on both contests:

We’ll have the results tonight once Wisconsin polls close at 9pm eastern time.


As noted in the comments, Washington state will be holding a Republican Primary as well today. If you recall, Washington held a caucus already on February 9th. We’ll have those results later tonight as well.


Here’s a link to the official results as they come in:

Official 2008 Hawaii, Washington, and Wisconsin Results