Video: Ron Paul Speaks To Geraldo Rivera

After all, he is indeed still in the race though most have probably forgotten. Therefore, I thought I’d do something for his illustrious fans and grab the couple minutes when he actually spoke with Geraldo on 2/16/08:

After that, he went to other panelists and that was it.

In saying that he won’t just “walk away”, is he perhaps implying that he could take an independent run and breakout of the Republican Party? He’s said he doesn’t want to in the past but has never entirely ruled it out with a definitive “No”. It seems though that he will be focusing on his congressional seat and I’m guessing that once a Republican candidate hits the 1,191 delegates, Paul will be forced to drop it or declare as a third-party.

Since he’s now paying more attention to his congressional seat, I don’t see an independent run in the future for him anytime soon.