Hate McCain? Write-in Ron Paul!

After careful consideration and deep thought, it occurred to me, why not give into the Ron Paul Mafia and submit to the inevitability? If McCain is going to be the Republican nominee, what other choice do conservatives have?

There’s a movement growing to Write-in Ron Paul, which seems to be the plan for the Paulbots if/when their candidate drops out.

Seriously, what are the downfalls of Paul beside his Obama-like stance on foreign policy? He is for constitutional government, wants to do away with pointless government bureaucracy, and believes wholly in personal liberty and individual responsibility. Can McCain, Obama, or Clinton say the same? Not a chance! They are the big government candidates!

Furthermore, he’s positively opposed to socialized medicine, an opinion I can personally hold near and dear to my heart. Plus, as a doctor, he’s got some credibility in the field of health care. More government equals more problems in this area, not less.

He wants to physically control the borders before undertaking more legislation on immigration, that’s a mainstream conservative position, not held until recently by John McCain. Also, he’s opposed to any forms of amnesty, another position which is not yet held by McCain.

The list goes on and on of mainstream conservative positions espoused by Ron Paul. Yet, because of his views on the war in Iraq, he has been relegated within the GOP as the “crazy” candidate.

Well, perhaps I haven’t actually moved that far into insanity so let’s get back on track. However, it comes to the point where you look at the current crop of candidates and realize that, for voters like myself, where do we cast a vote? If it wasn’t for Paul’s stances on foreign policy and the fact that he seems to espouse weak views on the war on terror, he’s not a bad conservative candidate.

In fact, his conservative positions put John McCain to shame in terms of being strongly rooted in the constitution.

Can somebody again remind me why we as conservatives do not like Ron Paul? Oh boy, I feel a fever coming on.