McCain Vice Presidential Speculation

It’s the inevitable discussion which has been happening somewhat. Should McCain become the Republican nominee, who would make the best Vice Presidential candidate?

Here’s a bit of discussion with author Nicholas Wapshott and Julie Banderas, followed by some folks on the street who give obvious answers like “Huckabee” or “Romney”:

Condoleeza Rice is an interesting pick. However, I think she may have too much Bush administration baggage which comes along for the ride so I’d say she’s out. Huckabee or Romney may seem like the next obvious but I don’t think either of them are good choices if McCain is truly looking to placate conservatives. True, Huckabee could carry the south and Romney would bring economic credentials but their negatives may detract too much.

Fred Thompson seems like a good choice to satisfy conservatives but would that make the whole Republican ticket look “too old” versus the Democratic nominee? Perhaps.

If anyone, I think it will probably be someone with southern appeal since the GOP will need to hold the south, especially if competing against Obama. Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida perhaps?

Thoughts from everyone?