What Do We Really Know About Barack Obama?

What is it that we really know about Barack Obama. Sure he’s a good looking man with a gorgeous smile and a beautiful family, but what are his politics? I’ve been trying to figure out why it is that people have a crush on Obama. Good looks aside, the only thing that the man has definitively stated is that America under his leadership will have Universal Health care by the end of his first term. Health care is just one issue that America faces at this moment in time. When Obama spoke on his foreign policy he defended his position of withdrawing the troops from Iraq and invading Pakistan. Was he serious or was this some kind of joke? I was waiting for the moments after that comment when he would turn to the camera and claim that America had just been Punked. That moment didn’t come, nope, just an uncertain Pakistani government on the brink of collapse panicking at the thought of more rioting chaos that has rocked that country in years past. The current President Bush was forced to make a public statement to convince Pakistani’s that America was not coming for them next.

Where does Barack Obama stand on issues such as foreign policy, the economy, and illegal immigration? Do we really know, or are we just so excited about change that we could care less about a future Presidential Candidate’s politics?