Hillary Insists Her Campaign Is Strong

Despite the recent Obama victories and the major shakeup up of her top campaign manager, the Clinton campaign insists they’re strong and winning, story from Breitbart:

WHITE MARSH, Md. (AP) – Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton denied Monday that her campaign is in trouble after losing to Sen. Barack Obama in four states this past weekend and replacing her campaign manager.

“I’m still ahead in the popular vote and in delegates,” Clinton said.

Speaking to reporters after touring a General Motors plant outside Baltimore, Clinton said she feels very good about the state of the race, even though she is not expected to win between now and March 4, when voters in Texas and Ohio cast ballots.

“We had a great night on Super Tuesday,” Clinton said, referring to the 22 states that voted Feb. 5. Clinton won eight states to Obama’s 13 but scored in many of the biggest contests including New York, California, Massachusetts and New Jersey. And they divided the delegates almost evenly.

“I believe if you look at the states … upcoming, I am very confident.”

The former first lady said the decision by Patti Solis Doyle to step down as campaign manager was personal and reflected the toll of the long campaign, not a problem with her job performance.

Upcoming states perhaps, aside from tomorrow where it looks like Obama will win big again in Virginia, Maryland, and probably DC, Hillary may start winning again sometime.

Regardless of what the campaign says, if Patti Solis was doing well and getting victories, she’d still be part of the campaign. I’m sure they wouldn’t have tossed her out since negative press would have ensued about how the campaign was “weak”. Well, low and behold, I’m thinking that perhaps they have decided to go a new direction with a new campaign manager. The momentum is in Obama’s direction at this point, the Clinton camp needs to make a slight course correction and start winning these smaller states.

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