Clinton, Obama Agree On Two February Debates

Originally, the Clinton campaign agreed to 5 debates in February. Two of those dates already passed as Obama was hesitant to commit to any of them. Well finally the tune from Obama has changed and the two campaigns have agreed on some dates in February before the Ohio and Texas primaries.

Here’s the lowdown from The Caucus:

Barack Obama has accepted an invitation to debate Hillary Rodham Clinton in Austin, Tex., his campaign announced.

The event, co-sponsored by CNN, Univision and the Texas Democratic Party, is set for Feb. 21, ahead of the state’s March 4 hybrid caucus/primary.

“We are pleased that Sen. Obama will have the opportunity to debate in Texas, and that it will air on Univision, ensuring a wide and diverse audience,” said Adrian Saenz, Mr. Obama’s Texas state director, in a statement.

The debate also will come a few days before the pair goes head-to-head at a Cleveland event on Feb. 26. Ohio holds its primary March 4, too.

Mr. Obama’s positive R.S.V.P. comes after Mrs. Clinton’s team put out a wave of statements criticizing him for refusing to sign on to several one-on-one events.

So here’s the Democratic February debate schedule in a more concise format:

February 21, 2008: Video: Clinton/Obama debate on CNN from Texas @ 8pm ET

February 26, 2008: Video: Clinton/Obama debate on MSNBC from Cleveland, Ohio @ 9pm ET

Also, you can check out every single past Republican and Democratic debate plus the entire video at our Full Debate Schedule page.

As always, we’ll have analysis and the entire debate video for each one. Still waiting on the GOP to confirm any debates. So far, a Republican debate is set tentatively for February 28, 2008 from Ohio on CNN. However, who knows if there will be candidates to debate at that time. We’ll keep you posted.


Here’s some info on tickets to each debate:

For tickets to the Texas debate, Feb 21, check this site:

Texas Democrats: Debate Information

Apparently tickets are very limited for Texas because of security concerns.

For tickets to the Ohio debate, Feb 26, check this site:

Cleveland State University Debate ’08

It says tickets for the Ohio event will be available to students via a lottery, you can contact the school to see if others are available.