Obama Sweeps, Huckabee Continues The Fight

The big news tonight is Obama and Huckabee. First, Obama has managed to sweep all three states tonight on the Democratic side which included Louisiana, Washington, and Nebraska. As a kicker, Obama managed to win the Virgin Islands as well.

Story on Obama from CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Voters in Saturday’s Republican contests showed they’re not yet ready to support Sen. John McCain as their party’s nominee while Sen. Barack Obama cut into Sen. Hillary Clinton’s lead in the race for Democratic delegates.

Obama claimed victory in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington on Saturday, as well as in the Virgin Islands.

“The stakes are too high and the challenges are too great to play the same old Washington game with the same old Washington players and expect a different result,” Obama told a hugely pro-Obama crowd of Democrats at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Richmond, Virginia.

“People want to turn the page. They want to write a new chapter in American history.”

Clinton has 1,100 delegates and Obama has 1,039, according to CNN calculations.

Of course Clinton made no mention of them, she didn’t win a single contest today. This is another notch on the Obama momentum belt and, whether or not it’s a lot of delegates, it’s three more states that Hillary didn’t win. I’ll update the delegate count later tonight or tomorrow as they get calculated.

Next, Mike Huckabee pulled an upset in Kansas and has just been declared the winner in Louisiana as well. Washington is still too close to call as of this writing in McCain’s column by a 2% margin and he’s now been declared the winner by the state GOP Chairman. Here’s more on Huckabee’s victories:

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee upset front-runner McCain in Saturday’s Republican contests.

The former Arkansas governor beat McCain in Kansas by nearly a 3-1 margin.

Huckabee also was leading in Louisiana.

In Washington state, the Republican caucuses were too close to call.

Huckabee’s Saturday wins show that Republicans are necessarily following in line behind McCain, the Arizona senator and presumptive nominee.

“People across America are gravitating toward our campaign and realizing that there is still a choice. And that’s what we’ve said all along, that this race is far from being over,” Huckabee said after the first results came in.

I’ll have some video of Huckabee reacting to the results shortly.


Here is the slew of calls for Obama as the night wore on:

Obama continues to be on the move against Hillary Clinton. These states aren’t giving him the nomination, but they are taking more away from Clinton. I’ve got to say, the Obama campaign has to be feeling pretty good right now, especially heading into Virginia/Maryland/DC on Tuesday, the 12th.

Here is Huckabee’s reactions to at least the Kansas victory:

It’s quite astonishing really. I’m wondering if McCain supporters have sort of stayed home thinking that he has the nomination wrapped up. In the same regard, perhaps Huckabee and Paul supporters were energized to actually get out and vote for their candidate against McCain. Huckabee will be on Meet the Press tomorrow, I’m sure they’ll be discussing all the victories, I’ll have the full video tomorrow of that interview with Tim Russert.