Maine Democratic Caucus Results – 2/10/08

Maine is caucusing today for the Democrats and results are beginning to come out:

Maine Democratic Caucus Results:

59 – Obama – Projected Winner
40 – Clinton

99% Precincts Reporting

Note: Mitt Romney won the Maine Republican Caucus on February 2nd.

Update @ 5:28pm ET

Apparently larger areas like Portland haven’t reported yet so these results are sketchy. We’ll keep this updated as results continue coming in.

Is Obama working toward a complete weekend sweep? Stay tuned…

Update @ 6:54pm ET

Obama has swept the weekend, CNN has declared the winner in Maine.

A report on all this from

Barack Obama won the Maine caucus today by a large double digit margin. Many figured Clinton could win or at least finish a close second in Maine due to the demographics heavily favoring her as well as her success in other New England states. Obama’s win caps off a full weekend sweep as he won Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska, the Virgin Islands, and Maine. Most also expect Obama to win Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. on Tuesday which would give him eight straight wins since Super Tuesday.

Clinton was hoping that she could pull out Maine due to the demographics and because she had the support of the Democratic political machine in Maine. She fought for the state, campaigning there yesterday, but it wasn’t enough to stop another big loss.

That makes 5 for 5 this weekend including Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Virgin Islands, and now Maine.

Heading into Tuesday where Virginia, Maryland, and DC choose as well, this could be a turning point in the campaign for Obama. These small states just keep adding up for him.