Candidates Compete In 4 States, Results Tonight

Here’s the deal on the primary/caucus action happening today and into this evening, story from MyWay:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton competed for Democratic convention delegates across three states on Saturday, locked in a landmark struggle for the party’s presidential nomination.

A total of 158 delegates was at stake in the Louisiana primary and caucuses in Nebraska and Washington. Caucuses in the Virgin Islands offered three more.

Clinton began the day with a slender delegate lead in The Associated Press count. She had 1,045 delegates to 960 for Obama. A total of 2,025 is required to win the nomination at the party convention in Denver.

Republican contests in Louisiana, Kansas and Guam provided John McCain a chance to advance closer to the 1,191 delegates he needs to make his nomination official.

We’ll have results later this evening in a new post once things wrap up.

For the Democrats:

Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, US Virgin Islands

The GOP:

Kansas, Louisiana, Washington

Source: Full Primary/Caucus Schedule

Results tonight as Obama and Clinton battle it out and McCain continues to pick up more support. Looking for a Huckabee upset in the south perhaps.