New Mexico still waiting for a Super Tuesday winner

The only Super Tuesday state that voted which can’t be called yet is New Mexico. Apparently some voting irregularities occurred but here’s the details from Yahoo! News:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Three days after New Mexico voted, Democratic officials offer apologies and finger-pointing — but have no winner. Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a slight lead, but the state is still counting 17,000 provisional ballots given to voters because of long lines and a shortage of ballots.

All that’s really at stake are bragging rights to another popular vote victory. Only one delegate hangs in the balance.

Based on results so far, Clinton has 13 delegates and her rival Barack Obama has 12. The popular vote winner will get another one.

With nearly 140,000 votes counted so far, Clinton holds a roughly 1,100-vote lead over Obama.

Democratic Party officials, who ran the election, warn that the count could last well into next week, right up until Feb. 15, the date they have to certify the results. It took until late Thursday for the Clinton and Obama camps to agree on a process for tallying provisional votes.

Didn’t seem New Mexico was prepared for the overwhelming amount of voters:

It was a mess: Overwhelmed polling places with long lines, some up to three hours. Too few ballots. Confusion over where to vote. Bad weather in the north. In Rio Rancho, one of the state’s largest cities, a single polling location where 1,900 people remain lined up at 7 p.m on election night.

The man in charge, Democratic Party Chairman Brian Colon, has apologized repeatedly: “We absolutely miscalculated and I apologize. It’s a tragedy when folks are not afforded the opportunity to vote.”

Sounds like a serious mess. I guess though at this point since the delegates are divided, it’s not like we’ll find out new information once they finish the count. Perhaps it goes to illustrate that since the 2000 debacle, some states haven’t addressed their voting issues yet.