Huckabee, Paul Plan To Continue Campaigning – Updated

Seems that Huckabee has no plans on dropping out until McCain reaches the delegate count he needs to claim the nomination. Here’s some video of his campaign manager with Neil Cavuto earlier discussing how long the Governor will remain in the race:

I don’t blame him for staying in at this point. He might as well but I just wonder when it’s pretty clear that McCain will easily take the nomination. No offense to Huckabee or his supporters, but at this point it seems like he’s running for VP or perhaps to be a player at the convention.

On the other side of the coin, Ron Paul has also vowed to press on as “the only remaining conservative in the race”. Story from CNS News:

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas championed small government libertarianism at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on Thursday.

Paul claims to be the only conservative remaining in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

“We are in a bind. We are in a fix. We spend too much everywhere. We spend too much overseas, we spend too much domestically. The only answer is to be true conservatives,” he told conservative activists.

Paul expressed doubt that Sen. John McCain can lead Republicans back to the conservative principles of 1994. Instead of advancing limited government, McCain has chosen to align himself with some of the most destructive liberals in the United States Senate, Paul said.

I think Paul could make a decent run as a third-party candidate. Seriously, he has the cash and the supporters. Plus, there is unrest in the Republican Party over McCain. I don’t know what kind of inroads he’d make but he would definitely have a better chance of that than becoming the Republican nominee or VP nominee.


Ron Paul has said he will not run as a third-party but he is pulling back his national presence, story from the AP:

HOUSTON (AP) — Presidential hopeful Ron Paul said he will not run as a third-party candidate in a new message to supporters that seems to recognize his slim chances at getting the Republican nomination.

The Texas congressman wrote on his Web site Friday that he is making cuts to his national campaign staff and that he must also stay focused on not losing the primary for his House seat.

Paul began Saturday with just 14 delegates for the Republican nomination that John McCain, with 719 delegates, has all but officially secured. Mitt Romney dropped out of the race Thursday, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has 198 delegates. A total of 1,191 delegates are needed to secure the GOP nomination.

“With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero,” Paul wrote. “But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining, and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get.”

He’s not dropping out and plans on continuing to the convention with the delegates he has won. Not to mention the fact that if he ignores Texas too much he may just lose a primary to his own congressional seat. Perhaps it’s time to head back to the ranch so he doesn’t lose the day job while continuing to run for president.