Five States Voting Over The Weekend

There will be 5 more contests this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. You can view the complete primary/caucus schedule here but this is a report on the next upcoming states from MyWay:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton told roaring partisans she’s the candidate of “dreams and practicality,” Barack Obama packed in a Nebraska crowd of more than 10,000, and Mike Huckabee campaigned in Kansas like he never heard the Republican race is supposed to be over.

So goes the effort to win four Democratic and three Republican presidential nomination contests this weekend – a round getting less than the full treatment by the remaining hopefuls, but plenty of attention still.

Suspense drained from the Republican side when Mitt Romney suspended his campaign Thursday. That left John McCain the prohibitive favorite, Huckabee the long-shot and Ron Paul even more of an asterisk.

Nonetheless, voters in Washington state, Kansas and Louisiana take part in GOP contests Saturday that, absent an improbable insurgency against the one-time insurgent McCain, have become his virtual coronation. President Bush nudged conservatives Friday to unite behind the presumed nominee.

There was plenty of drama for Obama and Clinton, competing for 161 delegates Saturday in Washington state, Louisiana, Nebraska and the Virgin Islands, followed by Maine caucuses with 24 delegates on Sunday.

So here’s the deal just for this weekend:


9 Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, US Virgin Islands
10 Maine


9 Kansas, Louisiana, Washington

Source: Full Primary/Caucus Schedule

This is more of a Democratic contest than a Republican one. On the GOP side, McCain will probably pick up more delegates and be well on his way to the nomination. On the Democratic side, this is a continuation of the Obama/Clinton battle. We’ll have coverage all weekend and a wrap up of the weekend’s events on Monday’s edition of You Decide Politics Radio.