Obama Gets Donations, Clinton Writing Personal Checks

First, the news is on the Clinton campaign that her top staffers are working without pay because the campaign hasn’t raised the needed cash to maintain the level they were operating at.

Also, news has come out that she loaned her campaign $5 million dollars, story from The Caucus:

And in a quick update, her campaign has just confirmed that she’d already lent her coffers $5 million of her own money in late January. A just-issued statement from her camp:

The loan illustrates Senator Clinton’s commitment to this effort and to ensuring that our campaign has the resources it needs to compete and win across this nation. We have had one of our best fundraising efforts ever on the Web today and our Super Tuesday victories will only help in bringing more support for her candidacy.

More Updates: At her news conference this afternoon, Senator Clinton acknowledged the loan, saying: “I loaned the campaign $5 million from my money. That’s where I got the money. I did it because I believe very strongly in this campaign, and we had a great month fund-raising in January, broke all our records, but my opponent was able to raise more money and we intended to be competitive – and we were – and I think the results last night proved the wisdom of my investment.”

I don’t want to play this up as if Hillary Clinton is in dire straights. That’s not the case since she did raise a decent amount of cash and is still the top runner for the Democratic nominee. However, to be in a situation where Obama outraises her 3 to 1 in January, and now it comes out she had to donate $5 million to herself, that’s pretty rough.

Then comes the knockout story on Obama, apparently he’s on target to hit another $30 million in February, from The Politico:

Barack Obama’s campaign is on track to raise another $30 million in February, sources close to the Illinois senator say, while Hillary Rodham Clinton’s spokesman revealed Wednesday that she had loaned her campaign $5 million.

Insiders in both campaigns say the growing financial disparity virtually ensures that Obama will be able to significantly outspend Clinton in the critical primaries to come.

Even before all the Super Tuesday votes were counted, Obama began airing advertisements in Nebraska, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland and Maine — the next round of primary and caucus states — before Clinton did.

Obama is way out ahead in the next primary contests. He’s got ads running since he has an absurd amount of money. He will have the organization and the momentum. He’s in a good position.

I’m wondering how the next debates are going to play out. Will we continue to see the love fest or will Clinton come out and attack again? I’m thinking that when the love fest happens, Obama comes out on top.