Super Tuesday Projected Delegate Counts

The following are counts from both CNN, MSNBC and FOX News:

From Fox:

Republican(1,191 needed to win nomination)

Candidate Delegates
Mike Huckabee 190
John McCain 613
Ron Paul 14
Mitt Romney 269

Total 1,086

Democratic (2,026 needed to win nomination)

Candidate Delegates
Hillary Clinton 845
Barack Obama 765

Total 1,636

Note* Fox totals include superdelegates


Democrats Needed to Win = 2,025

Candidate Pledged

Clinton 590
Obama 603

Republicans Needed to Win = 1,191

Candidate Pledged

McCain 542
Romney 256
Huckabee 166

and MSNBC:

Clinton 582
Obama 485

McCain 516
Romney 207
Huckabee 142
Paul 9

On the Democratic ticket it’s turning out to be interesting with Obama taking most of the states and Hillary only catching up with the much needed help of California. On the Republican ticket it’s looking like McCain is the clear frontrunner and I don’t see him losing at this point.

Obviously each media outlet has a slight differential in numbers however in comparison you can still garner the overall idea of the count. They are generally close in nature and the differences won’t reflect much in terms of any change on the eventual outcome.

You can view the full Super Tuesday results for all states and candidates here:

Official Super Tuesday Voting Results