You Decide Politics Radio Debut

We’ll or maybe I’ll be doing a debut show tonight on blog talk radio for You Decide Politics, in order to cover the 2008 Super Tuesday caucuses.

Stay tuned all the action to be broadcast live to you tonight at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific. The chat will be up as well. You can find us on and Nate should have it posted for you on the site before the start of the show. If he is unable to do so, just visit the site and use my name as a search word and you should find the show without a problem 🙂

The listener call in number, should you want to comment is: (347) 205-9907.

Will Obama trump Hillary in California?

Will Huckabee drop out by the end of the day?

Will Romney come from behind to surprise McCain?

Will Ron Paul magically pull numbers out of nowhere ?

Stay tuned for tonight’s show with yours truly The Angry American, guest hosted by the one and only Nate, founder and CEO of You Decide Politics. Callers will be welcome thought the show.


Also follow the complete Super Tuesday results here:

Official Super Tuesday Voting Results


The live show is complete.

Listen to our debut Super Tuesday broadcast:

Let us know what you think!